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How does the Guaranteed Project work?

At Nef, before construction or sales have even begun, all finances for the project are held, from the first day, in the bank. Therefore, the delivery of the project, free as it is from the necessity to make any sales, is guaranteed from the very beginning and the risk to the investor is reduced to nil.

The delivery of the project is guaranteed from the first day on.

  • The feasibility study for the project is carried out by an independent company.
  • The total sum of all costs is kept in the bank from the first day.
  • All expenditure on the project is met according to the expert-prepared progress payment reports in control of the bank and in a guaranteed manner.
  • A contract is signed with the bank concerning the entire system mentioned above.
  • The project’s delivery is guaranteed as of the first day.
  • With "Guaranteed Project"' investor risk is eliminated.
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