NEF Discoveries

A NEF invention, Foldhome was used for the first time in Turkey and the world by NEF.

The Foldhome system is an architectural approach enabling a 5,000 m2 home or 23 room office to possess features that would not normally be able to fit in a home or office and even offer a wide variety of units that are not available even in typical, well-appointed social facilities of housing developments.

In total contrast to the usual social facilities, the most important feature of Foldhome, which is composed of private, bespoke usage areas, is its pay-as-you-use-it system. That is, unused areas are not billed to the resident and are not added to apartment dues. With the Foldhome system, the music room, PlayStation room or private cinema you’ve always wanted but never had room for, can be yours whenever you want, and, the moment you no longer do, you will be instantly relieved of its costs.

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Guest Room

A special guest room for those who have guests but no extra rooms

Business Room

A work room for those bringing work home or trying to complete work at home

Private Cinema

A 20-person private cinema with a special sound and vision system

Private Cinema

Özel ses ve görüntü sistemi kurulmuş 20 kişilik özel sinema salonu

Music Room

A room where you can comfortably explore your passion for music. For private lessons there are a permanent piano and drum-sets in a sound-proofed music-space

Playstation Room

An indispensible room for PlayStation fans


A room you can use when you can’t go to the gym or when you want to take private lessons

Private Studio

A personal development studio for those who wish to develop and renew themselves

Art Room

An art workshop for those wishing to relax through art or let out their inner artist

Mini Basketball Court

A closed basketball court for basketball aficionados

Mini Football Field

A closed mini football field for football lovers

Party & Karaoke Room

If you love singing but have trouble remembering the words, the karaoke room is just the ticket

Terrace Jacuzzi

The best way to soak out the cares of the day, a terrace Jacuzzi

Gusto Room

The gusto room for aficionados of fine cigars and wines

City View

Child Room

Entertainment Room


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