Nef is creating a brand-new lifestyle concept in Istanbul’s Merter district with Nef Merter 13.

Nef Merter 13 is situated right at the centre of Istanbul’s most favored residential triangle, embracing Bakırköy, Bahçelievler and Zeytinburnu, in Merter, where approximately 4000 companies are active and to which 1.3 million people commute on a daily basis. Evaluated by investment experts alongside the "Mecidiyeköy-Levent" axis, the "Cevizlibağ-Merter-Bakırköy-Airport" axis, with its shopping malls, sport and cultural facilities and constantly expanding transportation network, is increasing in investment value with every passing day.

Nef Merter 13, is located at a convenient walking distance from the tram, metro and metrobus lines from which you can comfortably get to every corner of Istanbul. Moreover, the project is located at the very end of the E5 highway, Istanbul's busiest transportation line, at just a 4 minute’s walk from the metrobus station, used daily by over 1 million people.

NEF Merter 13 thus distinguishes itself from other projects in offering people working and studying along the Bakırköy-Zincirlikuyu axis an attractive living space.

Nef Merter 13 consists of four 14 storey residential blocks and one 13 storey home-office block. Consisting of 672 apartment and 168 home-office spaces, the blocks are designed on the concept of a square, in the form of an inner courtyard, with an area for shops. With open swimming pools and sunbathing areas located on the blocks’ terrace levels, prices vary according to storey and location. As our project will not be affected by the new VAT regulations, a VAT of 1% will be applied.

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