The Nef Merter 13 project has been designed by the world-renowned architectural firm "ADDON+ Architects".

ADDON+ Architects, famed for its distinctive concepts, was awarded the right to design the Nef Merter 13 by winning a design contest involving the world’s best-known architectural firms.

Drawing on the deep well of experience of its two partners, 'ADDON+', with its innovative approach, operates on a global scale on the basis of two fundamental principles it has established. With the aim of providing added value to the areas in which it works and establishing a “network” capable of reaching a broad clientele, 'ADDON+' , in addition to its work for Vakko Store, has created a great many world-renowned hotels and shopping malls.

Nef Merter 13, with its public square concept designed in the form of an inner courtyard containing shops and restaurants, is gearing up to bring the residents of the site, as well as the region, a breath of fresh air.

Apart from the care and attention given to the project’s external appearance and architecture, we work with some of the world’s best designers to ensure that even many tiny details, from the design of the door handles to that of the buttons in the elevators, and our Foldhome units, are created with passion.

These multi-award winning architects and designers are; Formavision, the designer of Coca Cola World, Diesel Denim Gallery and Starbucks Salon; DrorStudio, which has designed for Alessi, Bentley, Boffi, Bombay Sapphire, BBB emmebonacina, Cappellini, Kiehl's and Levi's; Harry Allen, known for his work with the Guggenheim, Moma, Habitat, Donna Karan, Dom Perignon and IKEA; as well as TheApartment, LTL Architect and Alper Böler.

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